The Application Process


Your first appointment

Getting the right loan comes down to getting the right advice.
More importantly, we will tailor your loans so that it is inline with you current and future goals.
We will present you with structures that you may not have considered.
We work hard to build meaningful, ongoing relationships with you based on knowledge, trust and expertise.

Understand your lifestyle and financial goals

Compare hundreds of home loan deals to find the right one for you

Answer any questions you have about home loans and moving home

Calculate your borrowing power and how much you can afford to repay

Clearly explain the fees, costs and conditions associated with home loans

You will walk out of the meeting with a PERSONALISED REPORT which reveals your home loan options


Collect requested documentation and application is submitted to the bank


Bank assess application and liaises with us if further information is required


Bank will issue a pre-approval or conditional approval subject to property valuation


Property valuer inspects the property and valuation is sent to the bank


Bank issues unconditional approval and loan documents are issued


You meet with us for signing of bank documents


Once loan documents are vetted your settlement agent will work with the bank to agree on a settlement date.